Poline is a Approved Browshaping Eyebrow Artist and Licensed.

She was thought by Kelley Baker Brows one of the top Eyebrows specialist in the game . kelley Baker has been doing celebrities brows for many years including the Kardashians, Cardi B and More.

Your brow shaping service will be unlike any other you’ve experienced you’ll even receive a Brow mini massage.

Your appointment will begin with a customized consultation. No face shape is the same. Each shaping consists of measuring facial features and determining hair growth patterns. Brows are then trimmed, waxed by a special type of wax and twee-zed, followed by a natural brow fill-in to enhance the brow. You may also have the option for a brow tint.

No appointment is rushed. No pair of brows is a one-size-fits-all look. Each brow-hair is accounted for in the process of giving you full and beautiful brows

Duration: 30 mins